Peaceful Postures

Qi Gong (Chi Kung)

is an ancient practice originating in China that combines movement, meditative awareness and regulation of breathing to enhance the flow of vital energy. Qi means "life force energy”. “Gong” means "work" or "skill". As we practice, we gain skill with sensing, directing, circulating and storing our life force energy. Benefits of the practices include improved circulation, enhanced immune function, improved ease of movement, balanced emotions, as well as greater vitality and joy.


Tai Chi

Translated simply as "Supreme Ultimate Boxing," Tai Chi incorporates gentle flowing movements that blanace the mind, body and spirit, providing harmony and well-being.


Students learn different aspects to work with while practicing the form, including:

• precision of movement

• use of breath

• sensing the flow of energy

• use of imagery to open the movements and enhance energy



John is also available for private instruction or sessions to focus on specific issues.


"John is an inspiration to work with. His depth of knowledge and skill in his practice are exceptional. He combines both the wisdom to explain and the skill to demonstrate. I highly recommend studying with John." - Lee Holden, Qi Gong Master, as seen on PBS, Author of Seven Minutes of Magic.