Peaceful Postures


This ancient science teaches that when we still the mind and live completely in the present moment, unlimited joy, creativity, and deep abiding peace are effortlessly available. Peaceful Postures yoga uses the tools of breath, body, and attention to help cultivate this state, as it simultaneously develops physical strength, flexibility, vitality and balance. Our practice focuses on synchronizing breath with movement,  proper physical alignment to allow optimal opening of subtle energy channels, along with awareness of internal energy flow. It is both relaxing and invigorating!


Each class combines:

pranayama (breathing techniques), flowing movements,  held postures,  mudras (hand gestures that direct energy into subtle nerve pathways), visualization to guide flow of energy, guided deep relaxation.




"Peaceful Postures is a very unique and special space. Mary Platt is so knowledgeable about yoga, but also imparts great wisdom about the body and spirit as well. Her kind and warm demeanor makes class a deeply calming and powerful experience."

— Nancy Foster



draws upon knowledge and techniques from the ancient science of yoga to restore an individual’s health and balance on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each session is molded to the specific needs and goals of the client.


The techniques used might include:

customized variations of yoga postures, breathing techniques, chakra balancing, energy work, mudra (hand gestures that direct energy into subtle nerve pathways), yoga nidra and meditation.


Who Will Benefit?

Those with specific health conditions

• Groups or individuals suffering from stress, anxiety or depression

• Those wishing to energetically explore & release emotional or belief patterns

• Individuals wishing to establish stability & direction during life transitions

• Individuals wishing to personalize or deepen their yoga practice.