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YOGA / Qi Gong / Tai Chi


Mary & John Platt have both devoted their lives to learning, practicing and teaching the ancient healing arts of yoga, meditation, and Qi Gong. They have been training in their respective disciplines for over 50 years, and find great joy in sharing their experiences and knowledge in order to empower others to restore and maintain good health and happiness. They live in the beautiful Hudson Valley in Upstate NY.


Mary Platt has been practicing meditation and yoga since 1971. She is a nationally certified yoga instructor (E-RYT-500), certified Yoga Therapist (PYT 500) in Integrative Yoga Therapy, and a nationally certified Qigong instructor. A professional storyteller since 1989, Mary often uses folk tales and myths to enhance her teaching, especially in her work with children and adolescents. She has co-taught several workshops at Kripalu Institute with her husband, John, and is co-author of The Five Element Orchard: QiGong Techniques for Harvesting Energy from Trees. Mary teaches yoga and QiGong in the Hudson Valley and internationally via Zoom. She is also a Reiki Master and End-of-Life Doula.

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John C. Platt John has been learning and teaching various Chinese Arts since 1966. In 1991 he began an intense study of Tai Chi Chuan under various teachers, including Shifu Jiang Jian-Ye, and later a study of Qigong from Masters Lee Holden and Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. He holds Level IV Teacher Certification from the Santa Cruz Center under Master Lee Holden and a Level III Advanced Instructor Certification from the National Qigong Association. John has taught numerous Qigong programs at the Kripalu Institute in Massachusetts and has worked with the Weight Watchers Organization, teaching Qigong to clients in various cities throughout the country. He is the author of The Five Element Orchard - QiGong Practices for Harvesting Energy from Trees. John currently teaches Qigong and Tai Chi  throughout the Hudson Valley and internationally on Zoom, working with groups and coaching individual QiGong teachers-in-training.. He is also certified in tuning fork sound  healing.

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